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Mission, Vision, & Values


The mission of the St. Mary's Native Corporation is to benefit our shareholders, protect our lands and maximize our profitability, while honoring our Yup'ik traditions and values


A corporation strengthened and guided by our Yup'ik traditions and values where our people thrive and prosper

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Our core values include a commitment to:
  • Promoting and preserving our lands, traditions, cultural values, and customs;
  • Communicating and acting with integrity, ethics, dedication, and respect;
  • Serving and benefiting our Elders, shareholders, and descendants;
  • Operating in a fiscally responsible and prudently safe manner to ensure a healthy and viable corporation;
  • Providing exceptional service to our customers and the public;
  • Ensuring growth and profitability through our actions and business ventures; and
  • Working together to achieve our vision, mission, and goals.
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