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Residential Construction

SMNC Properties is a licensed General contractor with a residential endorsement for the State of Alaska.  We can take on
full ground up build projects or smaller remodel projects.  Our team of experts have experience navigating through municipal permitting processes as well as remote Alaskan building strategies.  Whatever your need is to build the house you want, we can help.  Check out our projects page to see some recent projects.

Small construction and real estate punchlists

SMNC Properties provides general services for completion of real estate punchlists and small job order contracts.  Our team of experts will assist you in completing your inspector driven punch list wherever your property is located.  We are also available for small job order contracts that include single window or door replacements, handyman services, and deck and porch construction. (click here for photos)

Toyo Stove Maintenance

In St Marys and the surrounding villages we are pleased to provide certified technician services for toyo stove maintenance.  These services include troubleshooting, cleaning, installation, removal, fuel tank location and fuel tank pad and stand work, running the fuel lines, and installation of lift pumps.  Please see attached flyers for more information.  SMNC Properties is a REE (Rural Energy Enterprises) approved service provider. (Download Maintenance Flyer)

House Rentals

SMNC Properties operates as property managers for the St Mary’s Native corporation.  We currently have seven units that we lease to residents of St. Mary’s, Alaska.  We perform regular maintenance and upkeep to our units and try to keep them filled at all times. We do periodically have single rooms for short term rent, and can accommodate on an as needed basis. Download our rental application here


Commercial Construction

Looking for a great reliable contractor to renovate your tenant space?  Do you need routine building or facility maintenance? Our managers are experienced in all types of commercial construction and can work with you to accomplish all your needs.  From building ground up to renovating small work areas, we will help you find the best options for your project.  Contact us for more information.


LED light installation

Installation of LED lights not only reduces the energy output of the light fixture, requiring less electricity to operate and subsequently less of a demand on electrical output facilities, but also generate more light per watt used and enhance overall functionality of the area where the light is located.  SMNC Properties has installed LED lights for neighboring communities and is seeking to win contracts for the Federal Government installing lights on military bases.


SMNC Properties is a full-service general contractor, qualified to provide services in all phases of construction, both vertical and horizontal. From project development and design through completion and close-out, we seek to partner with our customers and subcontractors to execute work cost-effectively and beyond expectation.


We are able to take on all projects: small and simple to very large and complex. From our home offices in Anchorage, Alaska, we can effectively serve clients all over the Continental United States. Our satellite office in Oahu, Hawaii, is dedicated to serving our customers in Hawaii and the Pacific. We are well capitalized, having access to a $2 million line of credit through our parent corporation. While small, our bonding capacities are $5 million per project and $10 million in aggregate. We are capable of projects in excess of $300 million through our existing SBA approved joint venture with our mentor.


Our staff of HAZWOPER (Hazardous Waste Operations and Response) certified technicians are experienced in fuel spill cleanup operations, contaminated waste excavations and disposal, mold remediation, and site rehabilitation. We also install LED lights and perform hazardous materials surveys and site assessments. 


Fuel Spill Cleanup

SMNC Properties responded to a fuel spill of 2000 gallons of diesel. The immediate contaminants were collected and disposed of, and 20 yards of contaminated soil was excavated and spread out on an impervious liner to be landfarmed.  Berms were created to contain runoff, an accelerant agent was added to improve the breakdown of the hydrocarbons, and the contaminated material has been aerated to allow for continued remediation. 


Mold Remediation

Black mold is a dangerous mold spore that can grow in homes across the state of Alaska.  Once discovered it is imperative to completely remove the mold and prevent it from returning.  Using personal protective gear, SMNC technicians identify and physically remove the mold from the affected areas. (project photos)

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